An (Almost) Adventure Begins

The other week on Saturday I was passing through an alley by one of the older buildings in town.  The building’s wall has ancient ivy climbing up its whitewashed brick and it is home to many noisy birds.  I was surveying it to see if I could see a nest when I spied a folded piece of paper tied with green yarn to one of its lower branches.  Adventure (1 of 8)Several other people passed but not one of them noticed it.   It looked to me like the paper had been purposely placed there, but why?  I debated for a few moments before removing it and unfolding it.  I tried to be somewhat casual about it, as though people left folded papers in climbing vines all the time.  For all I knew, and for all anyone else was paying attention, they did, and I was the last to know about it.

It was a note!  Here is what it (partly) said.  Adventure (2 of 8)The first sentence ( cropped out of the photo) was a stern request to leave the note exactly as I found it.  The next sentence was a clue describing a location where another note could be found, tied with a blue string to a certain landmark.  The last sentence is pictured.   It pretty well described my circumstances.  I did indeed just happen along, and I did want to start the adventure from the beginning.  And even if I didn’t know exactly where the haunted inn with the cats was (I did) I would totally want to go there anyhow.  Because, well…. ghosts and cats.  So I carefully re-folded the note, returned it to the ivy and went to find a red string.

Look for my next post to see what was at the Inn.    🙂


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