The Adventure Continues, and Other News

When last I left off, I was bound for the “haunted inn with the cats” to seek another clue in what I can only call an impromptu Saturday morning adventure.   While waiting in line at an ATM, I spied a note tied to a climbing vine on a building.  Really.  Yielding to temptation I opened it, read it, and off I went, leaving all my (relatively dull) errands to wait.

The Inn is actually famous.  Many rock-steady, sensible folks claim to have had ghostly encounters there.  Spirits of the dearly departed, both human and feline, are said to patrol the halls and gardens.  The gardens are labyrinthine and filled with statues and fountains so finding the next clue might prove quite a task, but I was up to it.

Ironically, I did not have to look too hard at all. I was hoping for an opportunity to roam in the gardens, but instead found the red string on a sign post right out by the street.Adventure (3 of 8) Another note! This one made reference to the location of a frozen custard shop that, incidentally, does make the dreamiest custard ever. Who could be behind these notes, though? My husband would worry that it was something clandestine and sinister, but I think mischievous middle-schoolers or sorority sisters are more likely. Adventure (4 of 8)Also, local merchants have been known to secret little gifts around town on special occasions, and post hints on their Facebook pages. If you’re an early riser with your eyes open, you might just find one.


Well, I think I’ll drag this out a little longer, and move on now to the other news. We named the kitten. KatieShe is Katie. And of course, no cat has just one name. She is “Katie, Katie Sweet P’tatie”, “Kater Tater”, “Tater-Bug” “Katie-Kitty”, “Princess Puffy Pants”, “Katers”, and “Katie Scarlett” after the heroine of Gone With The Wind. She shares many personality traits with that Katie. Did you know that Scarlett’s first name was Katie?  Only her father, Gerald O’Hara called her that.

We also had our first snow. First_snow-1So glad I got this picture because in an hour the sun was out and the snow just melted away. Photography certainly teaches you to seize the moment.


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