Milestones, and the Dreaded Personal Pronouns

Milestones and the Dreaded Personal Pronouns

This blog post is going to be a lot about * me, and I.* (**dreaded personal pronouns)  I am not entirely comfortable with that, but it is a personal blog, after all. Plus, I have had some little victories lately and I want to celebrate them.

2016 single-2
this year’s syrup label

WordPress notified me the other day of my second blogging anniversary!   I began blogging in 2014 with the onset of maple sap season. It’s that time of year again and we have thus far gathered about 30 gallons of sap.  In 2014 we managed to make quite a bit of syrup. Not so much in 2015, and despite our best efforts we had some crystallization of the syrup after we decanted. We’re curious about what this year’s kooky weather patterns will do to us, but so far so good. The temperatures over the weekend were well above average, day and night. The week before that we were way below average and very snowy. Now we are settling into a more typical pattern for this time of year: above freezing during the day and below freezing at night. This is most conducive to sap flow.

I have worked these past two years to improve my photography and better understand my camera. When I look at my photo of sap from 2014,

Sap flowing from the maple tree into a collection bucket

and the one from this year,


I am encouraged. I have done a lot of reading and experimentation, taken some tutorials and a class, and think it has all helped.   It’s far easier these days for me to get the shot I want. I still have to take a lot of exposures, and there are still times when I goof and forget stuff, but I’ve graduated to full manual mode and the histogram is my friend. When I forget to properly set my ISO and white balance, I can usually “fix it in post” which is Adobe Lightroom.

Last year one of my “promises” was that I would knit a sweater. I did not get to that sweater in 2015. This was mostly due to needing to complete a huge cable knit throw that I started way back in 2013.

huge throw

I often struggle with following through on personal projects so it was kind of thrilling to be able to finally give the throw to my mom as a gift.

The sweater is proving to be a challenge, but I’m enjoying learning how to shape a garment while knitting in the round. Again, I had to do a lot of research to familiarize myself with various terms and techniques, but it’s going OK. It’s got a head-hole and armholes and they are in more or less the right spots, so I’m pleased.20160124_195911_resized




Another milestone: I was recently very honored and excited to be contacted by the Granville Garden Club about some photos I took for my post Day of the Daffodil. They asked permission to use some of them on their web page and very kindly offered to link to my blog. P&P has gotten several referrals from their site, which is great because gardeners are generally really nice folks.

previously unpublished photo of dog and daffodils <3
previously unpublished photo of dog and daffodils ❤


Finally, here are a few photos from a class I took during which we hiked in local parks and just shot pictures of whatever.

walking at sunset
sunset at Lobdell Reserve
the Japanese Garden at Dawes Arboretum
the Japanese Garden at Dawes Arboretum
grasses backlit at Dawes Arboretum
grasses backlit at Dawes Arboretum

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