The Ninth Life

Last week, we said goodbye to our 17-year-old kitty, Marilyn.  She was also  known as “Mairilyn-tail-in-the-air-ilyn.”   She was a perfect little lady.

While searching albums and drawers for photos of her I realized that during the course of her life a ton of stuff happened around this place.  We got engaged.  We re-did the living room.  (My husband gutted it and rebuilt it from the floor joists on up.)  We painted the house.  We got married.  We added a porch.  We re-did the bathroom.  (Another gut job.)  We replaced the roof.  We re-did the kitchen.  (Gut job number three)    New windows were next.  Then, we painted the house again.  Finally we re-sided the garage.  We planted vegetables, grapevines, apples, peaches and blueberry bushes.  We removed overgrown lilacs and forsythia.  We got a tractor.  We are still in disbelief that we were ever so foolish as to think a riding lawn mower could “cut it” around here.  We experienced an ice storm, and a derecho, and we are fine if we never do again.  Throughout it all we were encouraged and supported by a wonderful family.  (I guess that’s what I meant by “We”–  our human family, and of course our animal companions. )

I browsed nine lifetimes of memories in search of that one photo.  We miss you, old friend.




Eating with Our Eyes

After a 10 day period that included, in rapid-fire succession, aggressive work deadlines, malfunctioning major appliances, a seriously ill pet and a burglary, we’re just a little exhausted, but otherwise OK.  Except we tend to eat poorly in times of crisis, and leaned heavily on our favorite comfort/convenience foods.  You know the ones–mac and cheese, potatoes, take-out pizzas and sandwiches.  Then my mom sent me home with possibly the prettiest salad ever.  projects&promises|salad (2 of 3)

My mom’s a genius at food;  not just the preparation, but the presentation.  She could have been a food-stylist.  When we got this salad it felt like Christmas.  Actually, like the Christmases of “long ago” when appreciative children pulled jewel-like oranges from their stockings and were grateful for the sweetness and nourishment during the short, dark winter days.  Yay for salad, and moms!  projects&promises|salad (3 of 3)